About Consolidation Directorate

The consolidation scheme was started in Uttar Pradesh in 1954 from Kairana tehsil of Muzaffarnagar district and Musafirkhana tehsil of Sultanpur district. After its success the scheme was launched in the entire state in 1958. For conducting the consolidation exercise a Consolidation Department has been constituted under the Consolidation Director/Commissioner. To assist the Consolidation Commissioner, provision for Additional Consolidation Director and Joint Consolidation Director has been made.
For smooth conduct of the consolidation exercise at the district level, provision has been made to appoint as per work requirement the following: District Deputy Director Consolidation, Deputy Director Consolidation, Assistant Director Consolidation, Bandobast Officer Consolidation, Assistant Bandobast Officer Consolidation, Consolidation Officer and Assistant Consolidation Officer.
Consolidation exercise is a welfare scheme of the State Government. which is conducted with the participation of farmers of land holdings, general public, public representatives and land management committee. A consolidation committee is constituted for every land holding in order to ensure maximum participation and transparency which has a a minimum of 5 and maximum of 11 members. To make the committee more representative the Bandobast Officer Consolidation can include the names of a maximum of 4 people who have the necessary qualifications from among the account-holders of the particular holding (Section-3(2-AA) and Rule-3A) of the Act.