Impact and Benefits of Consolidation Plan

Compact holding :

During consolidation process the scattered holdings of the farmers are collected at one place. This has decreased the number of dispersed lands which has enhanced accessibility of agricultural work.

Increased agricultural production :

Agricultural holding being collected at one place has enabled the farmers to use their limited resources effectively that not only enhances agricultural facilities but also increases agricultural production.

Reduction in Land-Disputes :

A comparative reduction in land-disputes have been observed by the settlement of the disputes related to farmers’ land and holdings through the court organized at public place.

Increased mechanization in agriculture :

During consolidation process the facility of Chakmarg for drains and passage has been provided to farmers to enhance crop production.

Land availability for public access , populations, schools & hospitals etc :

Required land is reserved for landless, weak and backward class people as well as for other public purposes like Panchayat house, playground, manure pits, schools, hospitals etc.

Impact on Environment :

During consolidation process land is also reserved for tree plantation that is quite useful in maintaining ecological balance.