Under the consolidation process, all records prepared at different levels are available for viewing on all working days at the office of Assistant Consolidation Officer and judicial related records and correspondence at the court of presiding officer. Certified copies of these records can be obtained from the concerned court/officer by paying the relevant fee.

The copies/extract of records related to consolidation process are distributed/published to farmers concerned on compulsory basis. The details of these documents are following.

1 Base year Khatauni is read out in the village
2 Details of CH.5 and 5 (B)
3 Revised Khatauni (CH.11) is read out in the village
4 Distribution of CH.23 part 1and 3
5 Distribution of CH.35 A
6 Distribution of CH.26
7 Distribution of CH.45


In addition, it is possible to obtain a copy of land map by paying relevant fee. Other related information at different levels is announced in villages and also published through different media.