Organisational Structure

                                Organizational Structure of Consolidation Department                                                      
                            Consolidation Commissioner/ Director Consolidation                                                    
                                Additional Commissioner/Additional Director                                                      
  Head Quarter                                                         District              
  Additional Director (Technical)                                                                              
                                                                      Joint Director Consolidation /Joint Director              
  Finance Controller                                                                              
  Joint Director Consolidation /Joint Director                                                         Settlement
Officer Consolidation
                        Consolidation Officer       Draftman Officer   Peshi Kanungo   Personal Assistant Grade-1   Senior /Junior Assistant   Peon    
Senior Administrative Officer   Personal Assistant Grade-1                                                                          
                                                            Personal Assistant Grade-2                        
Administrative Officer   Personal Assistant Grade-2   Assistant Consolidation Officer   Chief Tracer                                                      
                                                            Stenographer Grade-2                        
Pradhan Sahayak   Stenographer Grade-2                                                                    
Senior /Junior Assistant         Consolidator   Consolidator Lekhpal   Peon                                                      
                                Assistant Draftman Officer   Chief Tracer   Peshi Kanungo                                    
                            Draftman     Sarniyak                                                

The organizational structure of the department is as follows:

1 Consolidation Commissioner/ Director Consolidation
2 Additional Commissioner/Additional Director
3 Additional Director (Technical)
4 Finance Controller
5 Joint Director Consolidation /Joint Director
6 Deputy Director Consolidation
7 Assistant Director Consolidation
8 Settlement Officer Consolidation
9 Assistant Settlement Officer Consolidation
10 Consolidation Officer
11 Rectangulation Officer
12 Deputy Assistant Director Consolidation
13 Assistant Consolidation Officer
14 Assistant Mapping Officer
15 Consolidator
16 Draftsman
17 Chief Tracer
18 Tracer
19 Senior Clerk/Reader
20 Consolidation Lekhpal