Consolidated Holdings:

During the process of Consolidation scattered holdings of farmers at various places are Consolidated at one place. This has decreased the number of chaks, thereby facilitating agricultural work.

Enhancement in Agricultural Production:

As the Agricultural Holdings are accumulated at one place, it resulted the more effective work to get done in much easier way. As a result, there has been an enhancement in agricultural work as well as agricultural production.

Less Land Issues:

Reduction in land related issues by settling the judiciary in the public place in the village and settling of disputes arising from the Accounts and Gata of the farmers.

Enhancement in Agricultural Mechanization:

During the process of Consolidation every Chak consists of Channel and for the convenience of commute facility, Chakmarg is being provided, which resulted in benefitting the farmers in Crop Production.

Availability of Land for Population, School, Hospital etc. for Public Use:

Along with providing habitat to Landless, Weak and Oppressed class during the process of Consolidation, land is also being reserved for Panchayat Ghar, Sports Ground, Compost Pit, School, Hospital etc. for public use.

Effect on Environment:

Land is also being reserved for plantation during the process of Consolidation. This is helpful in plantation balance.


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