Uttar Pradesh Agricultural Consolidation Rules-1953

  • Important stages under Consolidation
  • Section-4 A(1) and 4 A(2) – Beginning of second round of Consolidation work in villages
  • Section-9 – Publication of records in villages
  • Section- 10 – Preparation of corrected records
  • Section-20 – Publication of proposed consolidation scheme in the village
  • Section-23 – Confirmation of proposed consolidation scheme by Settlement Officer Consolidation
  • Section-24 – Handing over possession of new land blocks to land holders
  • Section-27 – Preparation of new land records
  • Section-52 –Conclusion of consolidation scheme

Uttar Pradesh Consolidation of Holdings Rules- 1954

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Rules have been laid down in the said Rules to conclude the consolidation exercise properly and efficiently.